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Islam: Its History and Theology
Prof. William marshner, may 5, 2015
Fact Based Questions:
To what does Islamic theology ascribe any cause or
catastrophe in Islamic history?
What was the extent of the Abassid Caliphate?
What was the ethnicity of Salah-ah-Din (Saladin)?
Who were the Mu’tazilites? What did they stand for?
What is meant by the Islamic proposition that ‘God’s hands
are unchained’?
What do Islamic theologians mean by ‘Dualism’?
What does Abdulaziz ibn Saud (‘Abdulaziz’) hold about
Did Our Lord reveal everything that we need to know in
order to be saved?
Who did Muhammad appoint as the first leader for prayer?
Does Sharia recognize human rights?
Who were the Turkish Janissaries?
Discussion Based Questions:
How should the Christian consider the success of the
Reconquista and the initial successes of the Crusades?
What is the theological consequence of the view that the
Qu’ran is uncreated?
Is God a source of evil? Did God create evil?
What is the Metaphysical framework of Science? Why
should the Christian be comfortable with scientific
Is the Mu’tazilite or the anti-Mu’tazilite position more
compatible with Christian orthodoxy?
Why would the Muslim consider Muhammad ‘the perfect
man’? What are the theological implications of this view?