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Rock Pocket Mouse Quote Sheet: Fill out
your reflection on each quote. Write your
thought on the quote when the video is
Name: ________________________
1.” Remnants of volcanic eruptions that occurred
about 1,000 years ago….. “ How did this change the
landscape? (stop at 1:04)
2. “Snickers bars of the desert” (1:55)
3. “Most of these predators are visual predators.” (2:00)
4. “It has a bit of a white underbelly” (stop at
3:00) Why?
Name: ___________________
5. “Mutation seems to mean that something bad has happened. But
mutations are neither good nor bad whether they are favored, or
rejected or just neutral depends upon the conditions the organism
finds itself.” (4:29)
6. “Mutation is random, natural selection is not.” (7:46)
7. “Clearly there are different genetic ways to
make a mouse dark. (8:54)
8. As environments transform, so must the species that inhabit
them.” (9:16, 9:26)