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Define: learning, reinforcement, response, antecedents, consequence
Understand Classical Conditioning and all associated vocabulary
Define informational view of Classical Conditioning
Define extinction
Define generalization
Define discrimination
Define phobia
Understand operant conditioning and all associated vocabulary
Define superstitious behavior, shaping, successive approximations, negative
attention seeking
Define and understand types of reinforcement. Be able to give and understand
1. Positive
2. Negative
3. Punishment
4. Response cost
Define *schedules of reinforcement, Continuous reinforcement, Partial
1. fixed ratio
2. variable ratio
3. fixed interval
4. variable interval
Be able to give examples for each
Know 3 ways to control learning
Understand drawbacks to punishment
Define escape and avoidance learning
Define cognitive learning, cognitive maps, latent learning, discovery learning
Who was Albert Bandura
What was social learning theory
Define Modeling
Understand process of modeling