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Vital Relays and Timers
Ansaldo STS USA
(Formerly known as Union Switch & Signal)
Rev. 4-11
Electronic Relay Reset Module
ASTS USA’s Electronic Relay Reset Module supports the PV250E and TRU-III units in MicroLok II cab signal track circuit
applications that do not incorporate a Track Relay. Using an
output of this module, the PV-250E or TRU-III can provide a
direct input to MicroLok II for train detection, or use an ASTS
USA PN-150B vital relay for this purpose. LEDs on the Reset
Module show the on/off state of its output.
In MicroLok II-controlled cab signal applications, steady energy is
restored to track circuit from logic involving sequential track circuit
occupancy. On/off coding is generally in the range of 50 to 420
CPM, which is too fast for MicroLok II to recognize and assert its
application logic. When a cab signal track circuit has been
shunted without a train progressing from one track circuit to
another, the Reset Module (responding to a PV-250E or
TRU-III output) is used to provide an input to MicroLok Advantages (cont’d)
II to initiate logic and restore steady energy. The
Capable of driving inputs to two redundant
Reset Module’s output is designed to drive two
MicroLok II units.
MicroLok II logic controller input circuits in parallel for
redundant systems.
Unit easily mounted and wired.
The module’s output voltage turn-on time is 2 to 4
seconds after the input starts coding. Turn-off time is
LEDs indicate status of outputs.
9 to 13 seconds after the input stops coding. The
No calibrations or maintenance required.
Module is tested to insure an operating range from 36
to 450 CPM. It will not deliver an output much beyond
Built-in short circuit and reversed battery protection.
this range.
The Reset Module is housed in a compact plastic case
designed for rack mounting via a standard DIN rail. All
power and data wiring is terminated on the front of the
unit with scew-clasped terminals. Red and green
status LEDs are provided on the front of the unit. The
normal state of the Reset Module output is off with the
green LED lit. The red LED lights when the input
signal is coded and the output is turned on. This state
only persists for about 20 seconds until the MicroLok II
unit turns off the cab code rate.
3 connector plugs with 4screw terminals each: 1 for
input, 1 for battery, 1 for
Input Voltage Range:
Terminals 1-4: 10V to
16.2V steady DC or a
square wave at cab signal
code rate.
Minimum of +10V (0 to
peak) at proper code
frequency required to
produce output.
The Reset Module is designed to withstand a
continuous short circuit condition or accidental
reversal of battery connections.
Provides input to initiate MicroLok II logic and
restore steady energy condition.
Input Current Range:
3.3 to 10 mA over input
voltage range
Input Frequency Range:
36 to 450 CPM or 0.60 to
7.50 Hz
Supports PV-250E relay and TRU-III track resonant
units in MicroLok II applications.
To order, call 1-800-652-7276
e-mail: [email protected]
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Electronic Relay Reset Module
(Formerly known as Union Switch & Signal)
Rev. 4-11
Typical Reset Module Application with Redundant MicroLok II Units
Specifications (cont’d)
Input Voltage Isolation:
2000 Vrms between input
terminals and battery/output
terminals Batt. Input
Voltage Range:
Vdc to 16.2 Vdc, less than 1
V(p-p) ripple
Ext. Batt. Input Protection: Battery line surge protection
Int. Batt. Input Protection: Built-in
Battery Input Current:
Output Load:
20 Ma (approx.) with 1500
ohm load connected to
1500 ohms impedance or
Output Voltage:
@1500 ohms: Output
voltage approx. 1V less
than input battery voltage.
@min. 12V battery: 11V
output voltage
@max.2V battery: 15.0V
output voltage
Rec. Wire Sizes:
Input: #22 AWG or heavier
Battery: #22 AWG or
Output: #22 AWG or
Operating Temp. Range: -40 to +70 C
Ordering and Additional Information
Refer to ordering Tabulation on catalog page 3 for Electronic Relay Reset Module part number.
For additional technical details, request ASTS USA Service Manual SM-8A1.0001
Contact your ASTS Account Executive or any required product application information.
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Electronic Relay Reset Module
(Formerly known as Union Switch & Signal)
Rev. 4-11
Reset Module Design and Dimensions
Ordering Information
Order No.
Electronic Relay Reset Module
MicroLok® is a registered trademark of Ansaldo STS USA, Inc.
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