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Electricity Terms Review
_____1. Conductor
a. The measurement of how hard it is for electrons to flow
through something
_____2. Direct Current
b. The type of circuit having more than one path for the current
_____3. Series Circuit
c. The type of electricity that continuously changes direction
_____4. Voltage
d. A material with very low resistance
_____5. Ohm’s Law
e. A type of circuit having only one path for the current
_____6. Resistance
f. A type of electricity that flows in only one direction
_____7. Parallel Circuit
g. Energy from an electrical power source
_____8. Alternating Current
h. Current equals voltage divided by resistance
Use the following words to fill in the blanks of numbers 9-12 below:
insulator, terminals, battery, voltage
9. An ________________________________ is a very poor conductor.
10. The ______________________________ of a battery are where electrons enter or leave.
11. A ________________________________ is a device that changes chemical energy into
electrical energy.
12. ________________________________ is measured in volts.