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American History
Unit 1:
Age of Exploration (Part 03)
The French Explore North America
I. Reasons why France explored North America:
A. To find a waterway through North America.
B. To deal in furs, not gold
C. To christianize Native Americans.
II. Unlike the Spanish, the French were friendly toward the Indians.
The French Explore North America: Maps
Famous French Explorers
I. Cartier (1534)
A. Explored southeastern part of Canada.
B. Found the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
II. Champlain (1608)
A. Founded Quebec.
III. Marquette and Joliet
A. Discovered the Mississippi River and claimed it for France.
IV. LaSalle (1682)
A. Sailed down the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico.
New France Established
I. Located in Middle America from the St. Lawrence to the Mississippi River.
A. Quebec became the capital city of New France.
England and Spain Clash
I. “Sea Dogs," English pirates attack began to Spanish gold conveys.
A. The Sea Dogs were led by Sir Francis Drake.
1. Queen Elizabeth wouldn’t punish them.
a. English government was getting a “slice of the pie.”
b. Gold continued to flow to England.
2. King Phillip of Spain pledged war on England if Queen Elizabeth
didn't order a stop to the attacks on Spanish ships.
Sir Francis Drake
England and Spain Clash (Cont’.)
King Phillip II of Spain
King Phillip II was Devoted to
extending Spanish power and the
Catholic religion.
Elizabeth I of England
The daughter of Henry VIII set out to gain
riches for England. She was jealous of
Spain's new found wealth.
After the death of her husband King Phillip II, Queen Juana of Spain had his body embalmed and
placed in a jeweled coffin that she kept with her during meals and even when she slept.
Spanish Armada
I. Spanish Armada sailed for England in 1588.
A. Spain attempted to blockade English ports and invade England.
B. Spanish Armada failed…
1. Combination of Drake's "Sea Dogs" and an Atlantic storm ruined
the armada and forced it to retreat.
II. England became the new master of the high seas.
A. Began to show interest in colonizing the New World.
Spanish Armada
Affects of European Diseases
I. Affects of European diseases on Native Americans
A. Indians had no resistance.
1. Many succumbed to smallpox, whooping
cough, and measles.
B. Diseases wiped out 75% of the Native American
Age of Exploration (Part 03) Review:
1. What (3) reasons did the French explore the New World?
2. Who were some of the French explorers and their accomplishments?
3. Why did England & Spain go to war and what were the results?
3. What were the affects of European diseases on Native Americans?