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Transcript Page 127 Tuesday, September 20, 2005 3:47 PM
Section 3 Notetaking Study Guide
Question to Think About As you read Section 3 in your textbook and take
notes, keep this section focus question in mind: How did the rise and fall of the
Zhou Dynasty reinforce the idea of the Mandate of Heaven?
this graphic organizer to record key information from the section. Some
information has been filled in to get you started.
China Under the Zhou Dynasty
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The Zhou _________________
the powerful Shang, whose kings
had grown ________________.
The Zhou maintained many
________________ established
by the Shang and Xia dynasties.
Zhou society included two
the nobles who
• owned land
• ________________________
• ________________________
and the peasants who
• ________________________
• ________________________
• ________________________
The Zhou believed they ruled by the
Mandate of Heaven, which was the belief
that ____________________________
In the year___________
the period called the _________
began. During this period,
___________ states conquered
___________ ones.
The Zhou Dynasty ________
in _______ B.C.
Refer to this page to answer the Chapter 10 Focus Question on page 129.
Unit 4
Chapter 10
Section 3