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07.02 Travel Journal
Objectives of this lesson:
Describe the Mandate of Heaven
Explain how the Dynastic cycle worked
Describe contributions of classical and post classical China
-How did the Zhou Dynasty come into power?
Specific questions to answer:
1. Based on paragraph #2, how did King Wu get the people on “his side” to conquer and
-How does the Mandate of Heaven affect a person’s right to rule?
Specific questions to answer:
1. What does the Mandate of Heaven mean?
2. How is the Mandate of Heaven (from China) different from the Divine Right to rule (from
Europe)? Which one do you prefer and why?
-How did the Dynastic Cycle work?
Specific questions to answer:
1. What does the dynastic cycle mean?
2. What events must occur in order for one dynasty to fall and for another to rise?
-Why do you think the Chinese called the first part of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty the Spring and
Autumn Period?
Specific questions to answer:
1. In what ways did the Western Zhou territory reflect ancient Greece?
2. Between 772-481 BCE of the Eastern Zhou territory, what did the Zhou do? Consider
how the inventions/discoveries during this time led to the “spring and autumn” period.
-What were some of the dynasties of ancient China?
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-What were some of the major contributions from the dynasties of ancient China?
Specific information to consider for this question (use the graphic or click on “text version” to
receive the entire document):
1. What did the Shang create?
2. What did the Zhou create?
3. What did the Qin create?
4. What did the Han create?
5. What did the Tang create?
6. What did the Song create?
7. What did the Ming create?