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Welcome to DP five Spanish please read carefully as this information will help you to prepare and know
what to expect from the class. Parents and students must understand that because the DP level classes
are weighted, the content and rigor of honors classes is different from the content and rigor of
traditional courses. DP students at DCC are expected to maintain a “C” letter grade to remain in the DP
program in a given subject. If a student earns less than the expected “C” average in a particular course
for the first semester, student will be dropped from the class. All students considering DP level courses
should carefully consider his/her level of preparation and commitment to the content area. Students
who choose DP courses are expected to routinely demonstrate high integrity, motivation, maturity,
and intellectual curiosity.
The successful DP level student must:
• Possess the prerequisite content skills, work ethic, and attitudes necessary for success at the DP
• Make a conscious decision to commit to the academic rigor required in a DP course;
• Display past and current academic performance in the above average range;
As the course description reads in this class, students will research various topics and prepare to
discuss them with competency. A variety of authentic print, audio and audiovisual materials of current
events and life topics will be used in class. As you seek insight into the way of Spanish cultures you will
be expected to speak only in Spanish.
Grammar structures that you should have covered over your previous Spanish classes include the
Present • Present progressive • Reflexive • Preterite • Present Perfect • Imperfect • Subjunctive •
Future • Conditional
In addition other grammar structures will be reviewed as appropriate such as por/para,
demonstrative/possessive adjectives, reciprocal actions, direct and indirect object pronouns, etc.
Themes that we will review and use to practice these areas are;
Daily Routines • Education • Food and Drink • Personal Details (appearance and character) • Physical
Health • Relationships • Shopping • Employment • Entertainment • Holidays • Media • Sport •
Technology • Transport • Environmental Concerns • Global Issues • Neighborhood • Physical
Geography • Town and Services • Weather
SUMMER HOMEWORK – Build a vocabulary list of at least 20 words per category that you will turn in on
Wednesday, August 17th 2016. Highly recommend you join Duolingo to practice your Spanish.
Once I get the Campus class information I will provide you access to the class on ALEC. You can access
Remind so you can receive notifications in that regards and information about the class.
Text @ espa4B to 81010 to join.
I am looking forward to next year’s class and please feel free to stop by if you have any questions.
Señor Benabe