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Bienvenidos a la clase
de Español!
Señorita Gomes
[email protected]
(908) 204-2610 Ext. 271
My Goal
 Foster
a love and understanding for the
Spanish language and culture in every
Natural approach
Relevant scenarios
Spanish IA Themes
 Myself
and the world around me - personal
data, preferences, geography
 My
daily life - school, leisure time
activities, sports
 Food
and Nutrition
 Making
Spanish IB Themes
– descriptions, family celebrations
 Pastimes - making plans, extending and
accepting invitations
 Food - going to a restaurant
 Home - household chores
 Clothes - shopping, style,
 People
My OnCourse Website
 Homework
Information: Subject to
CHANGE (rely on in-class information)
 Upcoming Assessments: Projects,
Quizzes, Tests
 Online Book Link
 Extra Help Opportunities: Time, Date,
Location- Subject to CHANGE (rely on inclass information)
How parents can help…
Solve technology problems – with internet,
downloading materials, write me a note when an
issue comes up.
Over see that your child is using the online
resources to review and practice Spanish.
Please monitor that your child is not using online
Give your children Spanish children’s books they can share with classmates.
Watch Spanish TV channels - Saturday morning
cartoons – news – weather reports – sports etc.
Change DVD movies into Spanish