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Many scholars believed that the earth
did not move and was the center of the
universe. This view of the world was
called the geocenteric theory. This
idea came from Aristotle, the Greek
philosopher of the fourth century. The
bible also taught that god purposley
put earth in the center of the
universe, making it mcuh easier for
people to accept .
Starting in the mid-15oo's some scholars startted to question
and start thier own experiments on ancient theories.
The two main fields of study that scholars were studying were in
astronomy and mathematics.
One curious astronmer named Nicolaus Copernicus beacame
interrsted in an old Greek theory that all the stars, earth and
other planets revolved around the sun, which he studied and
reasoned that indeed this is true. Although he theory made
since it still didn't explain why the planets orbited the way they
The person who figured out that the planets orbit the sun in a
ellipitcal pattern and not a circle was Johannes Kepler
Another new theory had proved Aristotle wrong, Galileo
Galilei's law of the pendulum. This theory shows that no matter
an objects weight it falls at the same speed.
Since Galileo supported th ideas of
Copernicus the church wasn't to happy
abut that. They told him to not defend
Copernicus' ideas, but Galileo later
released a book that showed he
supported the ideas of Copernicus. The
Pope took charge and summoned Galileo
to stand trial. Under the threat of
torture he was forced to kneal before the
cardinals and read aloud a signed
confession. He was never again a free
man, and later died under house arrest.
The infamous Issac Newton made a major
breakthrough in motion during this time
 At age 24 Newton made a conclusion that all
physical objects were affected equally by the
same forces
 The law of universial gravitation says that
every object in the universe attracts every other
object,and the degree of attraction depends on
the mass of the objects and the distance
Law of Gravity
Scientific method
The scietific method is a logical procedure for
gathering and testing ideas.
Begins with a problem or question that comes tfrom
an obsevation
Then a hypothesis is formed and tested in an
After this is tested a conclusion is formed and it
either supports or diproves the hypothesis
Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes developed this
Scientist during this time started to create
instruments to help further their studies,
(Ex. mirocoscope,theromometer.
 The vaccine for smallpox was created by
Edward Jenner
 Robert Boyle was considered the founder
of modern history
This quote was said by David Hume
 I like this quote because it tells us that we
are ones who decide what true beauty