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Lines of Evidence Internet Lesson
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To complete the internet lesson visit this site:
Read through the site to answer the questions. Click on the “next” button at the bottom
right corner to move to the next page.
What is at the “heart” of evolutionary theory?
2. What lines of evidence are used to reconstruct the story of life through time?
3. What were some things learned from early fossil discoveries?
4. Give an example of how fossils can provide additional clues to an organisms “evolutionary story”.
5. What are “transitional form fossils”?
6. Describe how we know Aetiocetus is an intermediate fossil (transitional form fossil) between
Pakicetus and the modern Beluga Whale.
7. Similar characteristics between species due to relatedness are known as homologies. How are
homologies between species discovered (revealed)?
8. What is a vestigial feature (or vestigial structure)?
9. Several animals, including pigs, cattle, deer, and dogs have reduced, nonfunctional digits, called
dewclaws. These are examples of vestigial structures. How can this be used as evidence of
10. What evidence shows that whales and hummingbirds have tetrapod skeletons inherited from
a common ancestor?
11. How can embryological development be used as evidence to support the following hypotheses?
a. Snakes evolved from a limbed ancestor:
b. Baleen whales have a common ancestry with toothed whales:
12. At the cellular and molecular level living things are remarkably similar to each other. How can
this provide evidence for evolution?
a. Cellular level:
b. Molecular level:
**skip to the “evidence by example” section (click “next” button 4 times)
13. Give at least two examples of how we can look at present-day organisms to better
understand what has occurred through deep time.
14. How can artificial selection provide a model that helps us understand natural selection
15. Environment affects the evolution of living things. Describe how the environment changed
the house sparrow after it arrived in North America from Europe in the nineteenth century.
16. What happened when Dr. Endler transferred predatory fish to the regions with brightly
colored male guppies? What is the significance of his experiment?