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Independence Movements in 1950’s
Kwame Nkrumah Ghana on Gold Coast
socialism but became corrupt
Jomo Kenyatta Kenya
• Military coup d’etat- forcible overthrow of
government often by military
• Mau Mau attacked white settlers in Kenya and
British withdrew
• Belgian mining companies supported copper
rich Katanga breaking away from Congo in
• Mobutu in Congo brought poverty and unrest
free elections finally in 2006
• Currently religious and ethnic civil war fight
between those wanting Sharia Islamic
religious law and those who currently control
the oil rich country
• South Africa – separation of the races – way back before
WWI when Gandhi was there organizing protests about the
colonial laws that insulted
• Having to ride 3rd class on railroads…
• 20 percent white
• deKlerk ended apartheid in 1990 when Mandela was freed
after years in prison and foreign economic pressure
• Nelson Mandela became the first freely elected leader and
he urged peaceful power transfers
• Still problems with tribal land ownership v current deed
holders just like Rhodesia where they dispossessed the
white land owners
• Hutus- majority group
• Tutsis had European physical features and had
been favored by European colonials
• 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus were
• Burundi faced similar ethnic conflicts between
the same Hutus and Tutsis but did not go to
Oil Rich Sudan
• Divided between the Islamic fundamentalists in North
who have committed genocide despite UN intervention
• N Sudan leader charged with crimes against humanity
• A woman in her 8th month of pregnancy whose Islamic
father abandoned her and her Christian mother is
condemned to die because they claim she “converted
to Christianity” and therefore is guilty of apostasy and
is an adulterous because she married an American
Christian living in New Hampshire so she gets 100
lashes after her baby is born since Islamic cannot marry
a Christian