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Who is the Shift?
The 10% is a campaign sponsored by
CUPE New Brunswick* that represents
close to 30,000 workers in New Brunswick.
We understand the challenges that local
governments face every day and the ten
percent shift is one way for us to put forward
positive solutions that benefit the entire
For more information go to
* This campaign is based on the CUPE BC 10% Shift Campaign.
Let’s rebuild our
local economy…
buy locally
What is the Shift all about?
Why shift?
What’s the best way to bring back vibrant and
Communities all over New Brunswick have
sustainable local economies? Over the last
been feeling the after-effects of the world-
decade or so, we’ve seen that the provincial
wide economic collapse for a couple of years
and federal governments don’t seem to have
now, and resource dependent communities in
the answers. The local governments just don’t
particular have experienced severe economic
have the financial resources to make that kind
decline. As jobs disappear, families are forced
of investments to make a difference.
to move elsewhere to find work, and as the
tax base of the community declines, local
But imagine the difference if citizens all over
governments are forced into a false choice:
the province made the conscious decision
raise taxes or cut important public services.
to shift 10% of their household spending to
local goods and services and locally-owned
We think there’s a better way, and that’s the
businesses. In other jurisdictions where the
10% shift. Think about the possibilities. If a
Shift exists, studies have shown big financial
few people got together - a few neighbors,
benefits to local businesses and job creations.
say - and started to shift just ten percent of
their household expenditures to purchase local
It wasn’t so long ago that buying local was the
goods and services, the local economy would
norm. People bought their meat from a local
benefit, even a little bit. If we talk to our friends
butcher, their kids’ sports equipments from
and family about the concept, it could make a
the local sporting goods store and there was
big difference.
a real sense of community between business
owners and their customers. If enough people
start shifting and start using their individual
purchasing powers to support local businesses,
we’ll build a huge demand that will encourage a
new generation of entrepreneurs, and that will
create good local jobs and a secure source of
revenue for communities.
The 10% shift won’t turn things
around on its own, but it’s a step
in the right direction.