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p. 10 Buddhism 8/21
p. 11 Comparison of
Buddhism/Hinduism 8/22
p. 12 Three Faiths
p. 13-14 Judaism (glue it in)
p. 15 Christianity 8/29
More of a way of life than a set of beliefs.
1.) There is 1 God who created the universe.
2.) He revealed the Torah to Moses as a guide
to life.
3.) Still waiting for the Messiah
It’s more about practices…what one needs to
do in order to follow God’s commandments.
Major Sects:
There are varying degrees of
observance in every religion:
• Orthodox
• Conservative
• Liberal
Orthodox Judaism
Shirts are frayed
at the bottom to
show humility.
Outside- fedora
Inside- yarmulke
The Sabbath
The main Jewish observance is keeping
the Sabbath.
• sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.
• Friday evening= Sabbath meal
• Saturday morning= service at synagogue
Rites of Passage
1.) Circumcision (Bris)
- “welcome to Jewish community”/naming
-performed on 8th day of life
-Mohel performs the procedure
-followed by eating and gifts
Rites of Passage
2.) Bar or Bat Mitzvah
(13) (14-16)
-“son or daughter of the commandment”
-Year 12- meetings with rabbi
-involves reading a portion of the Torah
and commenting upon it.
Rites of Passage
3.) Marriage
-Very important!
-For Orthodox Jews, marrying outside the
faith would be forbidden.
-Traditions: chuppah, breaking the glass,
dancing to Hava Nagila
Rites of Passage
4.) Death
-Perform a Kaddish (mourning prayer)
-The Jewish are buried within 24 hrs of
death (don’t believe in embalming)
-Periods of Mourning
Periods of Mourning
Aninut (from death to burial)
Shiva (first seven days)
• Immediate family does not receive visitors
• Mourners remain at home, very subdued,
people bring in food
Sheloshim (days 7-30)
• Less intense, mourners may return to work.
Still subdued (no shaving, cutting hair,
Jewish Diet: Kashrut
According to the Torah (Leviticus, chapter 11),
only certain kinds of animals are considered
inherently kosher. For land animals, any
creature that both chews its cud and has split
hooves is kosher. For sea creatures, any fish
that has both fins and scales is acceptable,
and for birds, only those birds approved by the
Torah (or others that later authorities have
judged to be like them, a list that excludes
scavengers and birds of prey).
Jewish Diet: Kashrut
Also, very important to keep meat and
dairy separate
Orthodox Jewish kitchens would have 2
sets of dishes
Preparation must also be kosher
• Ex: Hebrew Nation hotdogs
Kosher delis
Jewish Diet: Kashrut
Kosher (Good, Clean)
Animals with split
hoofs that chew their
Fish with fins and
Most birds (nonscavengers)
Treyf (Bad, Unclean)
Shellfish (lobster,
crab, oysters,
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