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The religion of the Jewish people
13 million Jews in the world today
6 million of which live in the U.S.
Founding: Abraham
Abraham -founding father and all Jews are
descendents of him
4,000 years ago
Believed in only one God - those around him worshiped
God told him to leave his home and move to Canaan
God's promise- he would be the father of a great
nation (the Jewish people)
Important Beliefs
Monotheism- believe in one God
Covenant- an agreement
God made a covenant with Abrahampromised to give him many descendants
who would be the chosen people
Shalom-an important prayer
“Hear O Israel: The Lord is our God, the Lord
alone. You shall love the Lord, your God, with all
your heart, and with all your soul and with all
your might.”
Ark of the Covenant- stone tables containing
the 10 Commandments and Israelite objects
10 Commandments -rules given to Moses
by God
Torah (Tanakh)- three parts
Torah- first five books of the bible:
creation of the world
Nevi’im- writings of the prophetsland
Ketuvim- writings of the people of
Psalms, Proverbs,
and Job.
Jewish teaching and Laws: the Oral Torah
Written in:
Mishnah- “to repeat, to study,”
Shabbat and other festivals
marriage, divorce, sacrafice
Talmud- collection of ideas to teach how
to live, also how laws applied to new
Where worship takes place
Synagogue- meeting place
The Western Wall- great temple in
Ark of the Covenant
Jerusalem- symbolic center for Jews
Important people
Rabbi- a leader of the Jews
Abraham- Father of the religion
Prophets- people chosen by God to
speak on his behalf
Moses- 10 Commandments, led the
Jews out of slavery in egypt
Messiah- a king sent from God at the
end of time.
Symbol of the connection with God
Pride in being a Jew
Symbol similar to a wedding ring
laws about food
“kosher” = clear, pure, and fit
Animal kosher - cloven hooves and
digests its food through four
ex. Cows, sheep, goats, and deer
Fish kosher if they have fins and
Birds that are not prey birds are
Fruits and veggies are kosher
Eggs and milk kosher if from kosher
Becoming a Jew
Traditionally- either born of a Jewish mother
or converted
Most are accepting of converts
Liberal sects- children born from either a
Jewish mother or father to be Jewish as
long as the child is raised with a Jewish
Shabbat (Sabbath)
Sundown on Friday until sundown on
Remember that God rested on the 7th day
after creating the world
No work
Relax with family
Bar Mitzvah
Means “son of the commandment”
Boy is recognized as a member of the Jewish
Promises to follow the Torah’s laws
Yom Kippur
“The Day of Atonement”
Come to peace with God, ask for
forgiveness and realize what they
need to change
Holiest day of the year
“the festival of lights”
Last for eight days
Reminder of the miracle that happened over
2,000 years ago.
Only enough oil for one day lasted for eight
Remember how God led the Jews out of
slavery in Egypt to the promise land