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Mathematical understanding
Pine Class- Year 4
Maths in Art week: The Fibonacci sequence
2015-2016 Term 3
We will be continuing to work of the Abacus framework:
 Place value of 5-digit numbers
 Adding and subtracting mentally
 Using both the expanded and compact written method of
 Learning 7x table facts and the vertical method
 Using mental multiplication and division facts
 Find equivalent fractions and how to simplify them
 Recognise angles
 Identify shapes
Lifting the lid:
We will be listening to an example of Chinese
music from over 3000 years ago.
History, environment and social
understanding (RE), Geography
We will be investigating the geography of China
using globes, atlases and Google Maps.
We will be discovering how long ago the Shang
Dynasty was and considering how many lifetimes
have been since.
We will be looking at the emergence of the
Shang Dynasty, using sources to help us
understand events.
We will investigate how the Shang Dynasty kept
control through battle tactics.
We will learn about the demise of the Shang
Home learning challenge
Fancy a challenge this term?
Investigate Chinese script. How is it different to ours? Show the
class any research that you do.
Research the comic style of Manga. You could even try drawing
your own Manga comic
Ancient Worlds –
The Shang Dynasty
Physical health
Gymnastics (Monday): Please make sure children
bring in the correct P.E. kit every Monday.
Swimming (Thursday): Please make sure you bring
in your
Modern Foreign Language
We will also be looking at Chinese
We will continue story making with fiction and
non-fiction texts about China. We will focus on these
 Using apostrophes to show possession
 Using inverted commas for speech
 Using nouns and pronouns for clarity and
 Using a wide range of conjunctions
 Write information texts in paragraphs
 Use a wide range of sentence structures
 Use headings and subheadings
 Write a diary entry from a character’s
 Use imaginative language to create
Please make sure you are reading with your child as
often as possible.
Science and technology
Sealing the lid:
We will visit the Museum of East Asian Art
at the end of Term 4
 We will be sorting, classifying and describing
different types of rock.
 We will investigate what rocks are and where
they come from.
 We will study fossils, deciding what they are and
how they are created.
 We will make our own fossils out of plaster of
Paris as well as other materials.
 We will look at different types of soils
Art, Design & Music
Maths in Art week: The Fibonacci
We will be designing, making and
evaluating our own Chinese vessels out of
We will take what we have learnt about
creating our own Chinese vessels to
create our own sculptures from the Shang
We will start to look at art from Ancient