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Ancient Rome Representative Democracy
United States Representative Democracy
Executive Branch
 2 Consuls that are elected by the
 Assembly
 Consuls are chief executives and
commanders-in-chief of the army.
Executive Branch
 President, elected by the people, is the
chief executive of the government and
commander-in-chief of the army.
 Citizens don’t vote directly on
 Citizens vote for people to
Legislative Branch
Legislative Branch
represent them when making
 Senate of 100 members, elected by the
 Senate of 300 members (aristocrats)
people, makes laws & advises president.
 Best when used with a larger
Controls foreign & financial policies
 House of Representatives of 435 members,
& advises Consuls.
elected by the people, makes laws &
 Many argue that to some degree a
 Assemblies—selects Consuls, elects
originates revenue bills.
representative democracy makes
tribunes, & makes laws.
individuals lose their “voice” in
Judicial Branch
Judicial Branch
 Supreme Court of 9 justices is the highest
 Praetors of 8 judges oversee courts and
court and hears civil and criminal appeals
govern provinces.
Legal Code
Legal Code
 Twelve Tables was a list of rules that were the basis
 U.S. Constitution is the basic law of the
of Roman legal system.
United States.
 All adult male landowners.
 All native-born or naturalized persons.