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Life Sciences
Solution Brief
Business Impact
Whilst data-driven business models have
been employed in other industries for
quite some time, the complexity of the
healthcare environment represents
major challenges for data mining and
usage of ‘Big Data.’
•Processing all relevant data sources results
in real-world evidence (RWE) projects with
long data preparation time frames that
delay time to insight.
Annual report of a top 10
pharmaceutical company
•The complexity of the data, combined
with limited analytics skills in the organization, create a bottleneck for the few skilled
personnel that can prepare and analyze
for insights.
•Real-world data sources have gotten so
large and complex that many statistical
software products just can’t handle
them – even for simple analyses.
Improve your use of real-world data for pipeline and
commercialization insights
In order to gain market access, you must convince your customers
(patients, health care professionals, government authorities and health
plans) that your treatments are the most effective and provide true
value compared with competitive treatments. That means demonstrating that your products are safe and effective in real-world medical
settings, while providing the best health outcomes and economic
value for targeted patient populations.
For life sciences companies, RWE can provide new insight into the
benefits, risks and cost-effectiveness of medicines in real-world
settings. This evidence can ultimately help you develop better
therapies to improve patient care, provide evidence for payers
and differentiate your brand in the health care market.
The data needed to meet these goals and derive critical insights exists
across the health and life sciences industries, but the sheer size and
complexity of the data present challenges. Life sciences companies
frequently struggle with the ability to efficiently access, process and
analyze the vast amount of relevant real-world data sources.
These data sources can give you the evidence and insights you need
– but only if you can get that data into the hands of your scientific and
business experts for analysis and exploration. You need the capabilities
of the leading advanced analytics platform to extract knowledge from
these real-world data assets.
Our Approach
SAS provides data management, advanced analytics, visualization and
statistical programming software to help speed time to insight with
real-world data sources – either through our data management and
analytics software within your company’s firewall; or through cloud
delivery of our real-world data and analytics platform featuring data
from participating third-party data providers.
• Integrate real-world data from multiple sources and vendors.
SAS provides leading data management capabilities to ease the
time-consuming process of gathering and preparing data for
analysis. This allows you to spend less time preparing the data
and more time delivering insights from the data.
• Visualize, explore and report real-world data. For decisions on
issues like brand strategy, treatment regimens, pricing, reimbursement and formulary access, navigate and explore truly large data
sources with little or no lag time from a point-and-click interface.
• Deliver real-world evidence through analytics and statistics.
SAS provides a powerful and comprehensive analytical toolset
for programmers, analysts, researchers and statisticians to build
analytical programs and
models that can extract
evidence from real-world
data sources for pipeline and
commercialization decisions.
The SAS® Difference:
Fast and deep insights from real-world data
• Integrate and analyze data from diverse sources. Integrating
real-world data for analysis from all relevant data sources is a
critical component for generating relevant and reliable medical
insights. For more than three decades, SAS has been used to
integrate and analyze data from those diverse sources.
• Fast access to real-world evidence. SAS lets you navigate, visualize and explore large amounts of data quickly – even for users
with nontechnical or limited analytic backgrounds. We offer a
scalable, in-memory solution that goes far beyond traditional
query and reporting. Glean insights and create meaningful
reports that you can share via mobile devices. We help democratize access to analytics and data within your organization with
approachable analytics. Almost anyone with a business question
can use the solution, thanks to unique features such as on-the-fly
forecasting, autocharting, “what does it mean” and drag-anddrop capabilities.
• Gain the power of a complete analytics toolset. You don’t have
to integrate point solutions from multiple vendors to get the
answers you want; SAS provides both advanced analytics and
data visualization to extract value from data. With a wide array of
analytics tools for RWE projects available, you can choose statistical programming or more advanced data mining, depending
on the requirements of each project and your licensed software
infrastructure. Our analytics software is infused with cutting-edge,
innovative algorithms that can help you solve even your most
complex problems with real-world evidence. And our statistical
procedures are constantly being updated to reflect the latest
advances in statistical methodology.
SAS gives you the option to deploy the RWE analytics infrastructure
within your company’s firewall or within the SAS Cloud. And by opting
for our cloud-based, real-world evidence platform, SAS can help you
deliver medical insights more quickly and easily.
Case Study:
Democratizing access to analytics and data
A top 10 biopharmaceutical company wanted to improve its ability to
gather, visualize and analyze large amounts of clinical study data and
real-world data purchased from third-party providers. The company
found it was taking too long to deliver the needed insights for product
development and commercialization efforts.
SAS delivered a solution to derive insights from real-world data more
easily and quickly. It included data management, visualization, data
mining, machine learning and high-performance analytics.
Using SAS, the company is able to speed its time to insight into key
issues such as new product development directions, market access
and commercialization decisions. It no longer takes the company
weeks to produce an answer to key scientific and business questions.
SAS High-Performance Analytics helps the company produce critical
drug development reports in hours rather than days.
What if you could …
• Gain easy access to a realworld evidence platform
that includes ready-toanalyze data from thirdparty providers?
• Simplify the integration of
real-world data sources so
you can spend more time
delivering insights?
• Better quantify health
outcomes using data from
medical settings to prove
the cost-effectiveness of
your brands?
• Quickly adjust brand
strategies based on rapid
insights from medical
You can. SAS gives you
SAS Facts
• SAS is the gold standard for the analysis • For more than three decades, life
• Today, SAS has customers at more
and reporting of clinical trial data.
sciences companies have trusted SAS to
than 75,000 sites in 140 countries
derive greater insight from information.
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