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BAS and a Multi-User Estimating Database
Margaret Gormley
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company
Toledo, Ohio
Our organization used a SAS Version 5.18 program to generate a "Summary
Level Planning Worksheet" (SLPW). The SLPW is an eight page summary of
a major project or modification submittal to our plant. It contains
prioritization information, schedule data, man-hours and costs associated
with each project. The code was a mix of SAS macros, SAS AF, SAS FSP and
Base SAS Code for report writing, in addition to a multitude ofCLISTs
The system was designed to handle only one user at a time and it was very
slow. Both of these problems were related to the fact that as the user edited
an individual record, the whole database was opened and recalculated during
the edit process. There were no relationships between records.
We converted the application to release 6.07 and utilizing SAS/SQL rewrote
the application not only to make it more user friendly, but to allow for
concurrent users and have the calculations occur as each record was
modified, not as a batch update. This reduced the amount of time of
processing each record from about 15 minutes to 4 minutes and code was
reduced from 17,000+ lines to less than 10,000.
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