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Amazing Planet: Ocean Realm
Answer the following movie questions on a separate sheet of paper in Complete, Quality, and
Correct (CQC) sentences. (100 pts; 10 pts per question)
1. Tell how much of the surface of the Earth is covered in water. What total volume? How much
2. The video says there are 5 oceans. Technically there are 7, what are their names?
3. Describe the continental shelf. How deep does it go?
4. What comes after the continental shelf? How deep does it go?
5. Describe the abyssal plain.
6. How do organisms live at hydrothermal vents without sunlight?
7. Once ancient Earth cooled enough to have a solid crust, where did the water come from (2
8. Where did the original oxygen gas in our atmosphere come from?
9. There is a strong hypothesis that 2.2 billion years ago a “Snowball Earth” was made. Tell the 3
things that happened to cause this to occur.
10. In detail, explain how the “Thermohaline Ocean Conveyor Belt” connects all the oceans together.