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Continental Shelf
• The extended perimeter of each continent and associated coast lines
• Exposed during the Ice Age - submerged when glaciers receded
• Width is different with each continent
Continental Slope
• Connects the Continental Shelf and the bottom of the ocean
• Begins where the shelf drops - 130 meters
• 20 kilometers wide
Continental Rise
• At the bottom of the Continental Slope - an underwater hill composed of tons of accumulated
• Connects to the abyssal plain
Abyssal Plain
• Underwater plain on the ocean floor - 3000 and 6000 meters
• Cover more than 50% of Earth’s surface - less than 1% has been mapped
• Flat, smooth regions with physical features created by plate tectonic movement
Ocean Ridge
• Underwater mountain systems of varying lengths and heights
• Mountain rising from the ocean floor that does not reach the water’s surface - varying heights
• Formed from extinct volcanoes
• An isolated underwater volcanic mountain with a flat top over 200 meters
• Must be at least 3000 meters tall to be considered one