Download GOKUL Born on 31st July 1996, around 15 years in age. He may be

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Born on 31st July 1996, around 15 years in age. He may be in class 8 or 9.
1. Harassing co-students, teachers and parents.
2. Not interested in studies at all.
3. Too much interest in Heavy Rock Metal Guitar
Study of Lagna :
A. His Lagna is in Sagittarius around 25 degrees. Lagna lord Jupiter is at 16 degrees in the same sign. That
is lagna lord is in 12th house. The lagna would have been fortifies had Jupiter be posited in 1st house.
Lagna lord in 12 could be the cause for all the troubles.
B. Lagna is under 7th aspect of Mars from 6th house. Mars is also owner of 12. Hence the Lagna is spoiled
by Mars a notorious and aggressive planet.
C. Moon the planet signifying his mind occupies Capricorn in the constellation Mars that afflicts the
D. Lagna sign lord Jupiter occupies 12.
E. Lagna star lord Venus occupies 6.
F. Lagna sub lord Mercury occupies 8.
G. Lagna sub-lord Mercury is in constellation of Kethu in Leo. Kethu represents Jupiter[occupant of 12]
and also Mercury[occupant of 8].
H. Mercury is in the sub of Moon owner of 8.
Study of IV cusp : [For Secondary Education]
IV cusp sub lord is Rahu. It occupies IX. It represents Mercury and Moon. Mercury occupies 8 and Moon
owns 8. It does not signify either of 4 or 10 or 11. So 4 th cusp sub lord is not congenial for education.
When secondary education is not satisfactory it shall be in vain to study about higher education.
However there is no harm.
Study of IX cusp : [For Higher Education]
IX cusp sub lord is Saturn. Saturn signifies 2 and 3 but not 4 or 10 or 11. It aspects the 9th cusp and
hinders higher education.
Profession in Music :
X cusp is co-ruled by Venus-Mars-Moon-Mercury.
These planets should indicate his profession.
Venus :
Venus itself indicates entertainment, music etc. It is lord of V cusp that again indicates the same. Venus
occupies Gemini an airy sign.
Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are airy signs and they are Voice signs. Voice means production of sound
from chords or strings. Mercury rules Gemini, Venus rules Libra and Saturn rules Aquarius.
Mars :
Mars indicates instruments/tools[could be musical when combined with Venus. Mars also occupies an
airy sign.
Moon :
Moon is a cool planet and indicates mind. It indicates influencing the mind to cool or relax. It is in
constellation of Mars. Moon occupies sign and sub of Saturn lord of one of the Voice signs.
Mercury :
Mercury indicates multiplicity. It thereby signifies a Guitar that consists of a number of strings.
Mercury occupies Leo the 5th Zodiacal sign. The 5th sign indicates entertainment and music etc.
Thus all of the co-rulers of X cusp are connected with Voice signs.
Income/profit from profession is indicated by the significators of 2, 6 and 10 and of course 11.
Venus is lord of 6 and 10. And it is also occupant of 6.
Mars is lord of 11 and occupant of 6.
Moon is occupant of 2.
Mercury however is not found to be signifying 2 or 6 or 10 or 11. But it is in sub of Moon occupant of 2.
So it does not hinder in hoarding property/money.
If we consider the sign lord, star lord and sub-lord only as per KP; there appears to be adequate
significations for having good income from the profession he takes up.
He shall be running mahadasas of Rahu, Jupiter and Saturn till 2053.
Rahu represents Mercury and Moon. Moon signifies 2.
Jupiter is in constellation of Venus lord of 6 and 10.
Saturn is lord of 2 and it is in own constellation.
So the mahadasa periods are favorable.
Now it is up to the parents to compromise and permit him to learn and culture on music along with
normal studies. The boy could be encouraged to utilize his in-built/God given talent with wholeheartedness.
Dr. Rath