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Accidents in astrology
Some common combinations in astrology for Accidents are:
Mars Rahu conjunction
Mars in 8 th house
Mars in Dagdha Rashi in 8th,6th or 7 th house
Lagna lord is in 6 th house conjunct or aspected by Mars
Mars Rahu Saturn conjunctiom
Native born in Chaturdashi tithi with inauspicious Dagdha rashis in 1st,4th,7th,10th
house containing planets like Mars,Saturn in these Dagdha rashis
Lagna lord in 6th house connected to Mars in d1 birth chart and same lagna lord
is debilitated in D9 Navamsa,the person may suffer fatal accident
Lagna lord in 6 th house connected to Mars via conjunction,aspect or in Scorpio
sign in d1 chart but the lagna lord is exalted in d9 Navamsa,the native will suffer
accident but will recover fast.The accident may be a minor one.
Highest degree planet (Atmakarka)conjunct with malefics like Mars,Rahu,Saturn
in d1 chart
Lagna lord conjunct with lords of 6 th or 8th house and is weak in d1 or d9 chart
may cause fatal accidents
Weak 8th lord in 3rd or 4 th house aspected/conjunct by Mars
6th lord in Lagna along with Mars or aspected by Mars
Lagna lord in 6th house conjunct with 8 th lord and other Malefics like
Lagna lord in 8 th house conjunct with malefics like Saturn,Rahu,Mars, or Ketu
These are some of the common combinations I have observed in several charts.There are other
combinations also for accidents in astrology.I have only highlighted some important accident
combinations in astrology.
Based on observing several charts,I have found that sometimes mild/light conjunction type energy
may also be created even if two planets are in two different consecutive houses like 7,8 houses or
3,4 houses or 6,7 houses or 2,3 houses etc.This concept is applicable for all houses.This is so because
though a planet is at certain degrees in a certain house does not mean that the whole planet is in
that particular house.A part of the planet maybe in preceeding or succeeding house based on degree
placement,so a conjunction type energy with the planet in the succeeding or preceeding house still
exists.Example Mars in 7 th house in Pisces in 20 degrees and Rahu in 10 degrees in Aries in 8th
house as per sidereal chart.Now in tropical chart,that Mars will be 12 degrees in Aries in 8 th house
and Rahu will be 4 degree in 9th house in Taurus.So a mild Mars Rahu conjunction type energy is
formed and may cause accidents.
Real Life Accident Case Studies in astrology
1. Case 1
Sidereal Lahiri Chart d1
Tropical Chart d1
Case 1 description: The native was born in Krishna Chaturdashi Tithi which is inauspicious.Krishna
Chaturdashi makes 4 rashis as Dagdha namely Virgo,Sagittarius,Pisces,Gemini(Rashis 6,9,12,3).These
Dagdha rashis are in Lagna,4th house of Vahaan and Mother,7th house of marriage and 10 th
house.The houses in which Dagdha rashis are present created several problems and bad events in
the life of the native.8th lord Mars and 4th lord Jupiter are both in Dagdha rashis as per sidereal Lahiri
Chart. In tropical Chart Mars is in 8 th house which causes accidents.The native suffered several bike
and car accidents.Morever the tithi lord Venus is conjunct is Vara Lord Mercury in 8th house in d1
Lahiri Chart which may cause health issues and other problems like accidents.Morever the native
also has Saturn Rahu conjunction. The native died in a major accident
2. Case2
Lahiri D1 chart
Lahiri D9 Navamsha
Case 2 description: In birth chart the native has Mars Rahu conjunction which signifies accident.The
Lagna Lord is in 6 th house of diseases and enemies.The lagna lord Jupiter is debilitated in d9
navamsha but its debilation is cancelled by Saturn in 1st house in D9 Navamsha.The native suffered a
car accident with some injuries but survived.
3. Case 3
Lahiri Sidereal D1 chart
Lahiri D9 Navamsha chart
Tropical D1 chart
Description : In Lahiri sidereal D1 Chart ,Lagna Lord Mercury is in 6 th house of diseases with Sun.The
atmakarka Venus is conjunct with malefic Saturn which is lord of 8 th house .However the lagna lord
Mercury is exalted in Navamsa in d9 Lahiri sidereal chart.The native met with a bike accident with
some minor injuries and was in hospital for 3 days but recovered quickly as Sun is in 6th house in D1
chart and Lagna lord Mercury is exalted in d9 Navamsha.He is still healthy,fit and active today
because of exalted Lagna lord in D9 Navamsha
In tropical chart of the same native,Sun is his atmakarka and is conjunct with Mars(significator of
accident) in 6 th house of diseases.His lagna lord Mercury is in 7th house around 1 degrees.So a part
of Mercury is in 6th house and a part is in 7 th house.The 8th lord Saturn which is in 7th house in
Sidereal D1 chart has moved to 8th house to around 10 degrees in 8th in tropical D1 chart.But still the
lagna lord has a mild conjunction with 8th lord Saturn because Saturn is a Giant planet and a part of
Saturn is still in 7th house. So the native suffered a minor bike accident and a few sports injuries.But
is healthy and active today.