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AP Biology
Chapter 24.4
 Process of making a species
 Biological Species Concept:
 Populations are no longer capable of interbreeding
 Is speciation a slow process? Fast process? Both?
 Charles Darwin
 Gradualism:
 Slower process gradually
developing species
 Support:
 Various fossil lineages
 Variation in large populations
 Allopatric speciation
 Stephen J. Gould
 Punctuated Equilibrium:
 Rapid process & is followed by
long periods of stasis
 Support:
 Various fossil lineages
 Sympatric speciation
 Adaptive Radiation
 Convergent Evolution:
 Distantly related species converge on similar structures
 Bats, Birds, Butterflies wings are analogous structures
 Parallel Evolution:
 Similar environments produce many similar species
 Coevolution?
 Probably incorrectly applied to interspecific competition
 Evolution is not goal oriented!
 There is no primary body plan for any species
 Natural Selection must work with current body plan
 Ex: 6 wings on birds would be awesome
 Adaptations are often compromises
 Ex: Seal flippers instead of legs