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Explore the process of tectonic
plate movement by describing and
drawing the causes of plate movement
and comparing it to the evidence found.
Think critically by analyzing the
evidence for continental drift
theory for the purpose of evaluating
Three basic types
• Convergent
• Divergent
• Transform
Each type has unique
that help to identify it
• Earthquakes
• Volcanoes
• Topography
• Sea Floor
where two plates are
crashing together
Features depend on type of
plates colliding
• Oceanic-oceanic
• Continental-oceanic
• Continental-continental
the Move: Continental Drift
and Plate Tectonics by Jim
Read the article and be
answer questions
 Use
the evidence of
fossils and mountains to
create a possible past
• Label each continent by
its name
• Color each legend and
matching mountains or
• Cut out the continents
• Piece the continents back
 What
was Wegener’s first piece of
evidence leading to continental drift
• South America’s fit with Africa
 What
other evidence supports the theory
of continental drift?
Rock formation
Ancient climates
Ancient ice sheets