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Continental Drift Theory Notes - Teacher Copy
Alfred Wegener Proposed the Continental Drift Theory - The idea that Earth’s continents
___moved apart______from a single large continent called ____Pangea_______.
His theory was ___rejected_____________ by most other scientists.
He could not explain “how” the continents ____moved______.
Pangaea was a _term for the super continent which contained all the plates
Wegener’s Evidence
1. Fossil evidence
2. Continental Fit
3. Glacial evidence
4. Land forms & Rock layers
Fossil Evidence Fossils of the same species were found on ____separate_________
continents. Fossils found didn’t fit the ____climate____.
Glacial Evidence Striations show the ice flowing from the glaciers came from __Single
Evidence of glaciers is found in warm climates today___.
Evidence of glaciers is found in _____warm climates_______ today.
Continental Fit
These two continents fit like puzzle pieces. __South America _&___Africa__
Landforms and Rock Evidence Similar types of:
Appalachian mountains matched British Isles.
Similar types of rocks & their ages found in Europe, North America, and Africa
Coal fields in North America & Europe match