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What does a frameshift mutation
What does the mRNA stand:
What is the Law of Segregation?
How can an organism occupy more
than one trophic level?
What is the Law of Independent
What is geographic isolation?
Describe how simple dominance
(Mendelian Genetics) inheritance
What are abiotic factors?
What are the ecological levels of
organization from largest to smallest?
Name the Animal
Describe how incomplete dominance
inheritance works.
Describe how codominance
inheritance works.
What is biodiversity?
Describe how sex-linked trait
inheritance works.
If two rabbits, one black, and one
white, have a grey baby, what type of
dominance is being shown by fur
Using Chargaff’s rule, if a sample of
DNA is measured to be 38% Thymine,
how much Cytosine is there?
What are the Hox genes and why are
they important?
What is this?
What is a Mutation?
How are mutations important to
Describe Predation
What happens as a result of a
Missense point mutation?
What happens as a result of a Silent
point mutation?
What did Erwin Chargraff contribute to
the discovery of the structure of DNA?
What is a frameshift mutation?
Name the Phase of Meiosis
What is the basis of all food chains
and food webs?
What are the four enzymes used in
DNA replication?
Name Mr. Markley’s current favorite
game (Pictured below)
What causes a frameshift mutation?
If a fossil is found in layer E and we know
that layer B is 50 million years old, and
that Layer A is 70 million years old, which
of the following best estimates the age of
the fossil.
What is genetics?
If you removed a keystone species
from an environment, what would
probably happen?
Who was Gregor Mendel?
Use a punnett square. Mike is color
blind (XcY), his wife Juanita is a
carrier(XCXc). What is the chance that
they will have a color blind daughter
What is a trait?
Fredrico and Francesca both have
brown hair; however, it is possible for
them to have a blonde haired child.
What is the difference between
genotype and phenotype?
The chromosome you get from mom
and the chromosome you get from
dad together make a ______________
pair of chromosomes in you.
List the DNA Base pairs
How does crossing over increase
genetic diversity?
What replaces Thymine in RNA?
What is symbiosis?
What are the three parts of a
What conclusion can you make about the
lynx and hare populations in the graph
What is behavioral isolation?
How is DNA replicated?
What vocabulary word is pictured
A herd of gazelle live in a large
meadow that is bordered by two
cities. The city planners in both cities
meet together and agree to build a
new shopping center in the meadow.
During the construction a fire is
started, destroying the meadow and
killing most of the gazelle. Which
mechanism of evolution does this
scenario demonstrate?
What is the function of the process of
In what year was the lynx population
the highest?
Describe how multiple allele
inheritance works.
What is the function of the process of
What is a Codon?
List a codon that codes for “gln”
What did Griffith discover?
What happens as a result of a
Nonsense point mutation?
What did Avery discover about DNA?
Starting at the factory, describe the
pathway through the carbon cycle.
What did Hershey and Chase
determine about DNA?
What did Rosalind Franklin contribute
to the discovery of the structure of
Why are vestigial structures evidence
of evolution?
What is crossing over?
What does meiosis produce?
Who is Charles Darwin and WHY is he
Name the Phase of Meiosis
How is the fossil record used as
evidence of evolution?
What does an Herbivore eat?
Why are homologous structures
evidence of evolution?
Why are analogous structures
evidence of evolution?
Why are adaptations evidence of
What is an adaptation?
What is genetic drift?
Why is genetic diversity important?
What are the 4 principles of natural
What does natural selection do?
What does natural selection work on
the phenotype of organisms and not
directly on the genotype?
What is the complimentary strand to
the following piece of DNA?
What type of selection is against only
1 extreme?
What is sexual selection?
How can sexual selection work
against natural selection?
The Lyrebird is a very amazing
species of bird. When it is the mating
season, the male must impress the
female by singing the most complex
song that it can sing. Which
mechanism of evolution does this
scenario demonstrate?
List the layers shown in the picture in
order from YOUNGEST to OLDEST
What is reproductive isolation?
The progression of life from newly
formed island to tropical rain forest is
what type of ecological succession?
What is temporal isolation?
Explain the difference between an
organism’s habitat and its niche.
What is a keystone species?
Name the Phase of Meiosis
What are biotic factors?
Describe Commensalism
Describe Mutualism
Describe Parasitism
Describe Competition
What is succession?
Name the Phase of Meiosis
What is the difference between
primary and secondary succession?
What does ECOLOGY study?
Why is only 10% of energy is passed
on to the next trophic level?
What did Watson and Crick determine
about DNA?
What is the 90% of energy lost
between trophic levels lost as?
What does an Omnivore eat?
What does an carnivore eat?
If you sampled 15 square miles and
observed a population of wolves to
be around 270. What is the
population density of the wolves?
What does a Sanguivore it?