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Chemistry Study Guide
Vocabulary Words:
Chemical property
A liquid changes into a gas through evaporation
When ingredients are evenly mixed a solution is formed.
When iron turns to rust it is an example of a chemical property.
When ingredients can easily be seen such as the ingredients in salad
dressing it is called a suspension.
When something is not visible it has dissolved.
A combination of two or more substances is a mixture.
A solid substance with geometric patterns is a crystal.
Filtration separates solids form liquids.
A substance used in chemistry is a chemical.
The study of chemicals and how they interact is chemistry.
The children need to be able to describe the two kinds of properties,
chemical and physical and give an example of each.
Chemical: the ability to transform new materials. Ex. Rust ..iron… and
the ability to burn…wood, cotton
Physical: properties that can be observed without changing the
chemical makeup of the material. Can be identified by using
senses…touch, smell, sight, hearing, color, shape, smell, texture
List three ways that crystals are all around you…some examples are:
rocks, freezer, gems, crystals, sugar, salt,snowflake
What is chemistry and how is it useful?
Chemicals are all around us and we use them everyday…some are used
in cooking, medicine, etc..
How can you figure out the physical properties of an unknown
Ex. Using your senses, hand lenses