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Arnold’s FOOD
Lesson 1: What is food chemistry?
What is food chemistry?
• Food Science is the discipline in which
biology, physical sciences, and
engineering are used to study the nature
of foods, the causes of their deterioration,
and the principles underlying food
What does a Food Scientist do?
• A Food Scientist studies the physical,
microbiological, and chemical makeup of
food. Depending on their area of
specialization, Food Scientists may
develop ways to process, preserve,
package, or store food, according to
industry and government specifications
and regulations.
Food Chemistry is the study
• The composition of raw materials within foods
• The composition of the end products of food
• The changes that occur in food during
production, processing, storage and cooking
Three Primary Components in
• Carbohydrates
• Lipids
• Proteins
Food Chemistry Vocabulary
As we start diving into food chemistry, we will come
to face vocabulary that you haven’t seen before…
Let’s get into some of the basics.
Substance that prevents or slows down oxidation;
inhibits reactions promoted by oxygen; often
used as a preservative.
An enzyme (protein) in saliva that breaks down
Amino acids
Contain carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and
sometimes sulfur. Serves as monomers to make
Food Chemistry Vocabulary
• Emulsion
– A property where two liquids are evenly
spread out in each other, yet not dissolved in
each other.
• Enzymes
– Important in production of foods that contain
water and fat. These products require
emulsifier, to stabilize food emulsions.
• The rest of the vocabulary sheet
can be found on my website under
• I know this is an extensive amount
of information, but food chemistry
is broad topic.
• Over the course of these lessons, I
will go into more depth on certain