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Cultural ecology wikipedia , lookup

* Environment: two definitions:
*The circumstances or conditions
that surround an organism or
group of organisms
* The complex of social or cultural
conditions that affect an individual
or community
* Environmental
*The systematic study
of our environment
and our place in it.
* Is Interdisciplinary!
*Many subjects!
Major Fields: Study of
Only these on
thinking map!
Sub Fields: Study of
Zoology: animals
Botany: plants
Biology: living organisms
Microbiology: microorganisms
Ecology: how organisms interact with their environment & each other
Geology: Earth’s surface, interior processes, and history
Earth science: the Earth’s
nonliving systems & the
planet as a whole
Paleontology: fossils & ancient life
Climatology: Earth’s atmosphere & climate
Hydrology: water
Physics: matter & energy
Engineering: science by which matter & energy are made useful to humans in
structures, machines & products
Chemistry: the study of
chemicals & reactions
Biochemistry: chemistry of living things
Social Sciences: human
Geography: relationship between humans & Earth’s features
Geochemistry: e chemistry of rocks, soil, & water
Anthropology: cultural, geographical, & historical aspects of mankind.
Sociology: human population dynamics & statistics
The Bubble Map
The Tree Map
•For each field of science :
•Write name
•Write definition (can be shortened or
•Draw a little symbol to represent the major
•Example: Chemistry Materials
Sheet of white or colored paper
Coloring utensils