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Define: Weight
Answer: a measure of the
gravitational force on object,
usually in relation to the Earth
What is knowledge gained by
observation that can be
Answer: Science
1. What is science all about?
1.Answer: making observations
and asking questions
1.What is the study of nonliving
1.Answer: physical science
1.What is the study of the
structure and properties of matter
1.Answer: Chemistry
1.What do we study in physical
1.Answer: matter and energy
1.Define: mass
1.Answer: a measure of the
amount of matter in object
1.What is the "stuff' that
everything is made of?
1.Answer: Matter
1.What is the study of energy and
the way energy affects matter
1.Answer: Physics
1.What are the two main
branches of physical science?
1.Answer: chemistry and physics
1.Define: Volume
1.Answer: the amount of space
occupied by an object
1.What is the ability to do work?
1.Answer: Energy
1.What does all matter have,
whether it is moving or still?
1.Answer: Energy
1.Define: Meniscus
1.Answer: the curve at a liquid's
surface by which one measures
the volume of the liquid
1.Define: matter
1.Answer: anything that has
mass and takes up space
1.Name a differences between
mass and weight
1.Answer: Varies
doesn’t change , gravity will
depending on gravitational force
Mass measured in grams, weight in
Mass measured on balance, weight on