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Chapter 1& 2 Objectives
1. Define chemistry and how the study of chemistry relates to the world.
2. Give examples of both the macroscopic and microscopic world and
describe how they relate to chemistry.
3. List the steps in the scientific method and apply it to solving problems
and designing experiments.
4. Discuss why science is a process.
5. Define theory, natural law, observations and hypothesis.
6. Describe observations as qualitative and quantitative.
7. Describe the make-up of matter using the terms atom, element, and
8. Describe the make-up of a solution, heterogeneous mixture, and
homogeneous mixture.
9. Define and give examples of the three states of matter.
10.Distinguish between physical and chemical properties.
11.Distinguish between physical and chemical changes.
12.Describe the use of 4 methods of separating mixtures.
13.Know the lab safety rules.
Chapter 1: all
Chapter 2: all
Physical and Chemical Changes
Separation Challenge