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Questions: What Are Earthquakes?
Directions: Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper to be
checked off next class session.
1. ___________ is a change in shape of rock due to stress.
2. ___________ is the sudden return of rock that has been deformed to its
original undeformed state.
3. Where do earthquakes occur?
4. What is the difference between p and s waves?
5. Describe the three types of plate motion and the faults that are
characteristic of each type of motion.
6. A seismic wave is traveling through the Earth at an average rate of speed
of 8 km/s. How long will it take the wave to travel 480km?
7. Given what you know about elastic rebound, why do you think some
earthquakes are stronger than others?
8. Why are surface waves more destructive to buildings than P wave or S
waves are?