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SPN 110
Spring 2009
Undergraduate Evening Studies
Furman University
Instructor: Mary S. Grant
Phone: 294-3245
Office: Furman 235W
E-mail: [email protected]
Textbook: Panorama, 3rd Edition. Blanco, Donley
and Workbook
Evaluation: 20% Weekly quizzes
20% Preparation and Participation
20% Homework
20% Mid-term
20% Final Exam
Grading Scale: A (91-100)
B (81-90)
C (71-80)
D (65-70)
F (0-64)
Purpose of the Course:
The purpose of this course is to begin the development of communication skills in Spanish
through the systematic presentation of vocabulary and structure. Through practice in listening,
speaking, reading, and writing, students will develop the ability o use Spanish to communicate in
familiar situations (the home, school, work, etc.). Attention will be given to developing an
understanding of Hispanic cultures around the world, with a special focus on the Spanishspeaking communities in the United States.
Course Objectives:
1. To be able to understand simple Spoken Spanish on familiar topics
2. To be able to pronounce any Spanish word seen in print
3. To be able to read simple Spanish on familiar topics
4. To be able to exchange greetings and ask simple questions
5. To be able to write what you can say in Spanish
6. To learn essential grammar for your level of expression
Learning a foreign language involves skill getting and skill using. In other words, you must
practice what you learn. USE THE SUPERSITE!!, watch TV in Spanish, watch your favorite
DVD in Spanish, listen to the Spanish radio stations. You won’t understand everything you hear,
but you will develop (unconsciously, to a great extent) a feel for the language. Practice reading
aloud. Record yourself reading Spanish and see how it sounds. Compare your Spanish to
models. Imitate. Make flashcards with vocabulary, phrases, and verb conjugations. Keep them
in your pocket, purse, and car!!!! Tape them to the mirror and fridge. Eat at a Mexican
restaurant, or one of the Colombian or Cuban restaurants in Berea. Speak Spanish when you
meet up with a Spanish-speaking person. Initially you may only say “Buenos días,” but your
conversation skills will quickly improve with practice. Maximize your contact with Spanish. I
will speak Spanish to you 90% of the time. PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO SPEAK