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Semester One Final Review
Directions: In traditional tic tac toe fashion, select 3 boxes in a straight row. You can choose vertical, horizontal or
diagonal rows. For each box, please answer the question completely on a separate sheet of loose leaf paper.
Draw a diagram of a plant
cell after salt water has
been added to the slide.
Explain why the change
Identify 2 body systems that help
maintain glucose levels in the blood
and describe how each system is
Choose either respiration or
photosynthesis. Explain its
importance to an organism:
 Identify the organelle
where the process occurs
 Identify 3 raw materials
 State how organisms use
the energy-rich molecule
that is produced
 State who a gas produced
by this process is recycled
in nature
In desert environments, organisms
that cannot maintain a constant
internal body temperature, such as
snakes and lizards, rarely go out
during the hot, sunny daylight hours.
They stay in the shade, under rocks,
or in burrows during the day.
Explain how this behavior helps
maintain homeostasis in these
After the dialysis bag of
glucose and starch sat for
30 minutes in a beaker of
water and iodine, describe
the movement of water,
glucose, starch, and iodine.
Indicate any color changes
that may have occurred and
explain why.
Design a controlled experiment to
test the effectiveness of a drug
intended to lower high blood
pressure. Be sure to include all the
steps of the scientific method.
Explain why most foods must be
digested before they can enter a cell.
Some internal environmental factors
may interfere with the ability of an
enzyme to function efficiently.
Explain shy changing the shape of
an enzyme could affect the ability of
the enzyme to function.
The energy demands of a cell or an
organism are met as a result of
interactions between several life
1. Identify 2 life functions
involved in meeting the
energy demands of a cell or
an organism.
2. Explain how these 2 life
functions interact to make
energy available.
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