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The Cells in Living Things
What are Living Things?
 Most living things need these four things to survive:
o ________________________________
o ________________________________
o ________________________________
o ________________________________
Most living things use _______________________________ to turn food into energy.
Plants, people, and other animals are all ___________________________- any living
thing that can carry out its life activities on its own.
There are five functions of all living things:
o ____________________________________________________
o ____________________________________________________
o ____________________________________________________
o ____________________________________________________
o ____________________________________________________
Introduction to Cells
Cells are the ________________________________ of living things. They are the
_________________ units of living matter.
_______________________________ organisms have only one cell.
_______________________________ organisms have many different kinds of cells that
take care of the various functions of the organism.
Comparing and Contrasting Animal and Plant Cells
 Most plant and animal cells are different in ____________________,
_________________, and _________________________.
o An animal cell’s thin outer covering is called the ________________________.
o Plant cells have a thick, stiff outer structure called the __________
__________ that protects and supports the plant cell.
o Plant cells have food factories called _____________________ that contain
chlorophyll, which give the cells a greenish color.
o Both plant and animal cells are filled with a jellylike substance called
_______________- which is mostly water but contains important chemicals.
o Most plant cells have a ___________________ shape, while animal cells
have a wide ___________________ of shapes.
How Small Can Organisms Be?
 Organisms that are too small to see without a microscope are called
The one-celled microorganisms that live in pond water are called ________________.
Bacteria are much _____________________ than most plant, animal, or protest cells.
Some _______________________ are helpful and are used to make foods such as
cheese and buttermilk.
Yeast and mushrooms are examples of ____________________.
How is an Organism Put Together?
 Groups of similar cells that work together carrying out a certain job are called
o Ex: The tissue that covers and protects your body is your _______________.
A group of tissues that work together doing a certain job is a(n) ______________.
A(n) _________________________________ is a group of organs that work together
carrying on life functions.
Is It Living?
 A _____________________ contains a “set of plans” for ________________ living cells.
Unlike living things, a virus does not make or use _________________. They do not grow,
change, or respond to its environment. It only reproduces.