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General Chemistry/Chapter 6 Vocabulary: Crossword Clues
Use the clues below to complete the crossword on the next page.
2. Set of elements that exhibit similar electron configurations in highest occupied energy level
4. Class of elements possessing the property of being ductile
5. Elements in which the highest occupied s and p sublevels are completely filled
9. Family name for members of Group 7A
12. An atom or group of atoms that has a positive or negative charge
13. Atomic symbol for the member of the alkaline earth metal family with the atomic number 20
14. Type of ion that has more electrons than protons
16. One-half the distance between the nuclei of two atoms of the same element when joined
18. Type of elements in which the highest occupied s sublevel and nearby f sublevel contain
1. Type of element that contains electrons in both an s sublevel and a nearby d sublevel
3. Elements in which the highest occupied s and p sublevels are partially filled
6. Measures the ability of an atom to attract electrons when the atom is in a compound; the
element named Cesium has the lowest amount, while the element named Fluorine has the
highest amount
7. Term that refers to a set quantity of joules that is required to remove an electron from an
8. From the Greek for "path around", this type of law says that the pattern of chemical and
physical properties repeat for elements as we go from one period to the next
10. Family name for Group 1A elements
11. Class of elements that are poor conductors of heat and electric current
15. Term for the type of ion that metallic elements form
17. Set of elements arranged in horizontal rows in the periodic chart
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General Chemistry: Chapter 6 Vocabulary Terms
The Periodic Table
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