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Medieval Europe
Chapter 15, Section 2 and 3
Guiding Questions:
1What is Feudalism AND what were
The different roles in their society?
Feudalism is a social system in which all groups had specific roles /duties to
Fulfill so that society wound up depending on each other.
Kings & Queens
Lords and Ladies (Nobles)
Peasants and Serfs
2. What is a Vassal?
Vassals were nobles who served a lord of higher noble ranking.
3. Peasants could be free or a serf. What
Serfs were peasant workers who were bound by law to work for their lord. They weren’t
Is a serf?
Slaves but they also were not considered free either.
4. What is a manor AND what is a
A manor is a large piece of land given to the nobles by the king.
A fief is land a lord may grant to his knights or vassals.
5. What were Medieval cities like?
Crowded and polluted.
6. How was the water AND air
Butchers would dump animal blood and waste into the water
Polluted in these cities?
The air was polluted from burning cheap coal.
7. What was life like for women during
Women, in these cities, ran the household, paid the bills, and helped their husbands
This time?
with their trades. Sometimes, if the husband died, the wife could continue his trade business.
As a result they could live pretty independent lives.
continue his trade business. As a result they could live pretty independent lives.
Reflect: Do you think the Feudal System was a good idea? Why or why not? Support your reflection
with EVIDENCE and explain your thinking. You may respond in bullet or essay form.
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