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It is unfortunate that we do not have a Medieval
European laid out on a table before us, ready for
dissection. Society was arranged like a tree, with
your nobles in the upper twigs and your peasants
grubbing around the roots. This was known as the
manurial system where land was passed through
fathers to sons by primogenuflecture. To some
degree rules diluted people into thinking that this
was a religious operation.
The Middle Ages
Rise of Feudalism
Invasions Erode Society
• Vikings
– From _________________
– Superior Sailors conducted raids on coastal areas
• Reasons for raids and Viking Expansion 700-1000
– __________________________
– Youth Explosion
– Weakness in neighboring areas
– ____________________________
– ____________________________
• ____________
– From Eastern Europe and Central Asia
• Cross Danube River into Europe in late 800s
• Muslims
– Attacked from North Africa
– _____________________________
– Controlled much of Spain
Creation of ____________
• Response to _______
– Rollo (Viking) and Charles the Simple (Frankish
• Creation of Normandy (Land of the Northmen)
• Structure of _________________
– Lords own large tracts of land
– Lords loan land to ________ in exchange for
– Vassals employ ___________ to work the land
– Most Peasants were _______
• Serfs were tied to the land, they could not leave it, but were not
slaves; you were born into serfdom
– The Clergy fell into the position of the Lords, but
could also be Vassals
– __________ were Vassals
The Medieval Manor
• The _____ was the basic
________________of Medieval Times
– Manor consisted of all the lands of the Lord
and included homes for peasants and serfs,
fields, a manor house, a church and a village
area. Woodlands and streams would also be
– In exchange for ___________ peasants and
serfs worked the land for the lord.
Siege of a Castle
• Castles were designed with defense in mind
• _____________were machines used to break
a castle
Age of Chivalry
• Chivalry from the French for Knight
– Knights were _________________
• Charles Martel develops knights to combat mounted
Muslim troops
– Creation of the ______ and _________ makes
mounted warriors a possibility.
• Extremely _____________ to be a knight
• Feudal system supports knights through being
vassals to a lord
• Chivalric Code
– Designed to make warfare ____________
– Described obligations of knights
• Protect _______
• Protect _______
• Protect _______
– Owed 40 days of mounted service per year.
• Becoming a Knight
– Age __ nobles become a Page
– Age __ Pages become Squires
– Age __ Squires become Knights
Chivalric Culture
• Literature, Art, and Song focused on
– Epic poems were favorites of the nobles
• The song of Roland
• Most often poems were written in Latin or French
– _______________ sang love songs
• Most celebrated lady was Eleanor of Aquataine
• Women’s Role
– As feudalism increased women __________
• Women could inherit land, rule governments, and fought in
• Land was handed down to sons not daughters
• The _________ tries to lower the power of women