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The Feudal System
Nobles with land were worried about it being ravaged by barbarian. They made a promise with
warriors or ________ to protect the estate. In return for protection, the ______ promised to give
______to the knight. The land given to the knight was called a ______. This included not only
the land but the _______ or people who worked the land as well. (The serfs were contracted to
work a certain piece of land for eternity and to give a certain percentage of their harvest to the
Noble of the land in return for protection from invasion.)
Use these words to fill in the blanks above:
Fill in the social pyramid below representing feudalism in Medieval Europe. Describe the roles
of each tier.
Feudalism was a contract between people. Mostly it revolved around the Nobles/lords, the
knights and the serfs. It was a system that provided land for the knights, protection for the
nobles/lords and serfs and food for everyone!
Draw the social pyramid again. Use arrows to illustrate who works with and for whom. Be sure
to label your arrows.