Download A Prosperous Age Define the following terms: a. Serf b. Tenant c

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Worksheet 1-2
A Prosperous Age
p. 6 – 7
Define the following terms:
a. Serf
b. Tenant
c. Empire
Short answer:
1. By 1500 why had the European population begin to rise rapidly?
2. How had life changed (2 reasons) for many medieval serfs in Europe?
3. Why was the medieval technique of strip farming not very effective?
4. List 4 ways that farming improved during this time period.
5. How did the middle class benefit from the increased trade within Europe?
6. What did Sir Walter Raleigh mean by his statement that “whoever controlled the sea
would control the world?”
Map assignment: Copy the map on page 7 on the blank map of the world given to you.
Colour code the five different European countries with the colonies they established
around the world.
Title the map.
Neatness counts – don’t lose marks on sloppy work.
Sir Walter Raleigh