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ISANEZA Emery Kevin 220001567
IHIRWE Aline 220007511
English for general purpose
Teacher: Hello, Aline. I’ve been registering your CAT marks, have you started
preparing for the exam?
Student: No Sir. I will start from tomorrow onward.
Teacher: The exam is too near Aline. Do you remember your marks in the last
exam? It would be best if you improved this time and why are you still saying
Student: I will study from today, Sir.
Teacher: You don’t look like interested still!
Student: Sir, actually Maths is too tough for me. I think I have to upgrade my
basics. Otherwise, I couldn’t study well alone. That’s why I’m still confused.
Teacher: why you haven’t told me this before. I would have helped you before.
And now you don’t worry. I will help you with the basics, I’ve got some other
students with same issue who I’ll be helping 4 o’clock, you can come and join us
Student: thank you so much, Sir.
Teacher: You are welcome and it’s my duty.