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Review Question
In what form is water vapor?
Chapter 1
Earth Structure Test March 2nd
Review Question
Describe the composition of
inner core.
TEST = January 31
. . Earth’s
How do geologists obtain rock
samples from the Earth’s
Heating sauce on the stove
with the rising and falling of
energy and constant movement
is an example of . . .
Write out the interior layers
of the Earth IN ORDER from
the surface down.
Where are the plates in the
interior of the Earth?
What is the transfer of
energy through space?
What theory explains the
movement of plates in various
How do scientists know that
the Earth’s interior is made up
of layers?
Heat is transferred in the
mantle by a process called . . .
Name the thickest layer of
the Earth.
The transfer of heat to your
hand is an example of this type
of heat transfer.
Where is most of the mass of
the Earth? (name the
Geologists study the Earth’s
interior by studying the
movement of these.
Friday February 26
Which layer moves to produce
the magnetic field in the
In which layer of the Earth is
the asthenosphere?
Explain the connection
between density, temperature,
currents and movement.
Which layer of the Earth
experiences the greatest
Define the Earth’s atmosphere.
As depth in the Earth
increases, what is true of the
temperature and pressure?
Describe an indirect method
that geologist use to study the
Earth’s interior.
How are the outer core and the
inner core the same?
What is the outermost layer of
the Earth called?
How are conduction, radiation,
and convection different?
Describe 2 to 3 differences
between the continental crust
and the oceanic crust.
How do convection currents
help to transfer heat through
the inside of the earth?
Name the Earth’s layer that is
a mixture of crust and mantle.
What is your favorite kind of
chocolate? (milk, dark..) Do you
prefer a specific brand?