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Name: _____________________________________________ Date: ___________ Period: ___________ Layers of the Earth Worksheet #2 Match the following words with the statement that best describes it. ____________ 1. Asthenosphere ____________ 2. Continental Crust ____________ 3. Core ____________ 4. Crust ____________ 5. Inner Core b. Found under oceans. Thin but dense. c. Physical Property layer where convection occurs d. Composition layer that is the hottest and densest ____________ 6. Lithosphere ____________ 7. Mantle ____________ a. Physical Property layer that is broken into tectonic plates 8. Mesosphere e. Composition Layer that we live on f. Physical Property layer that creates Earth’s magnetic field. g. Composition layer that is the thickest h. Physical Property layer that allows the tectonic plates to move ____________ 9. Oceanic Crust ____________ 10. Outer Core Use the words above to label the picture below. i.
Found under continents. Thicker. j.
Physical property layer that is solid metal and has extreme pressures