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Unit # 2: Earth’s Interior Activity
Name: _________________________ Section: _____________________Date: _________________
/ 5 COM
A boiled egg can represent a model of Earth’s interior. Using the listed words below, label the
diagram of Earth’s interior and answer the questions. Use the Internet to search for any unknown
information. Your challenge will be to demonstrate your understanding (to the teacher) at the
end of this activity, by describing or illustrating Earth’s interior. You may wish to incorporate an
1. Key Elements:
Inner Core Outer Core
Mantle Asthenosphere
Plate Tectonics
2. Identify the following:
a. The only layer considered to be in liquid form:
b. The thickest layer: ____________________________
c. The hottest layer and average temperature: ____________________________
d. The layer underneath the crust: ____________________________
e. The layer which controls Earth’s magnetic field:
f. The layer where convection currents exist: ____________________________
g. The layer with solid nickel and iron: ____________________________
h. Compare the ocean and continental crust:
a. Thickness: O_____________________ and C _________________________
b. Dominant rock type: O_____________________ and C __________________
c. Difference?
CGC1D: Geography of Canada
Canadian and World Studies