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A practice by which the Bishops sold positions
in the Church.
A new style of architecture; cathedrals thrust
upward as if reaching toward heaven. Light
streamed in through huge stained glass
Urban II
Pope Urban II called for a “Holy War” to gain
control of the Holy Land.
A series of wars to try to get control of
Richard the Lion-Hearted
Kurdish warrior and Muslim leader.
English King
A long effort by the Spanish to drive the
Muslims out of Spain.
A court held by the Church to suppress
Which of the events of the Age of Faith do you
think was most important to the Church? Explain.
What were three main causes of the need to
reform the Church?
910—Reforms begin; 1095—First Crusade;
1099—Christians capture Jerusalem; 1187—
Jerusalem falls to Saladin; 1204—Christian
Knights loot Constantinople; 1212—Children’s
Crusade; 1492—Reconquista ends in Spain. Priests’ marriages were forbidden by Church
law; simony rewarded greed, not merit; lay
investiture made bishops the pawns of kings.
Possible Answers: eforms allowed the Church
to regain its power; Crusades showed its
strong influence.
Which Crusade was the only successful one?
How did the goals of the Crusades change
over the years?
The First Crusade
Religious goals gave way to personal and
economic gain.
Which of the following do you think best
represents the spirit of the Age of Faith—Church
reform, the Crusades, or the Gothic cathedrals?
What evidence supports the idea that the
Church functioned like a kingdom?
Possible Answers: church reform, because of
bad Church practices; the Crusades, because
they were faith in action; cathedrals, because
they represented the City of God.
The pope acted like a king with an official
court that had diplomats and collected taxes.
How did the Crusades change the history of
Europe? Give reasons for your answer.
Write a script about an encounter between a
Crusader and a Muslim defender of Jerusalem.
The Crusades lessened the power of the
popes and increased it for kings; trade
strengthened merchants and towns; tensions
among Muslims, Jews, and Christians brought
persecution and war.