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Unit 7 Rational
Explorations: Numbers
and their Opposites
Excerpts from Georgia Department of
Education Webinar February 26, 2013
February 2013
On the same winter morning, the
temperature is -28° F in Anchorage,
Alaska and 65° F in Miami, Florida. How
many degrees warmer was it in Miami
than in Anchorage on that morning?
This problem should be looked at by imagining or
drawing an outside thermometer. Then, the distance
from the negative temperature to 0 and the distance
from 0 to 65 can be added together. This will result in the
answer of 93 degrees.
February 2013
What’s the main idea of Unit 7?
• Develop understanding of the system of
rational numbers.
• Develop understanding of absolute value.
Concepts & Skills to Maintain from Previous
 Changing between fractions and decimals
 Finding area of squares, rectangles, and
triangles, and finding the perimeter of squares
and rectangles.
Website to help with the above:
Enduring Understandings from this Unit
 Negative numbers are used to represent quantities that are
less than zero such as temperatures, scores in games or
sports, and loss of income in business.
 Absolute value is useful in ordering and graphing positive and
negative numbers.
 Positive and negative numbers are often used to solve
problems in everyday life.
 Rational numbers are points on a number line
 Numbers in ordered pairs indicate locations in quadrants of
the coordinate plane
February 2013
Examples & Explanations
A flea is jumping around on the number line.
If he starts at 1 and jumps 3 units to the right, then
where is he on the number line? How far from zero is
he? (4; 4 units)
If he starts at 0 and jumps 5 units away, where might
he have landed? (Either 5 or – 5)
If the flea jumps 2 units and lands at zero, where might
he have started? (Either 2 or – 2)
The absolute value of a number is the distance it is
from zero. The absolute value of the flea’s location is 4
and he is to the left of zero. Where is he on the number
line? ( - 4)
Find and label the numbers
4/3,5/4,-2/3 and
- ¾ on the number line. Then, state which of
the following inequalities is true.
- 2/3 > - ¾ OR – 2/3 < -3/4
Since –2/3 is to the right of – 3/4, then – 2/3 > - 3/4
February 2013
The lowest temperature ever recorded on earth was 89° C in Antarctica. The average temperature on Mars
is about -55° C. Which is warmer, the coldest
temperature on earth or the average temperature on
Mars? Write an inequality to support your answer.
- 55 > - 89 So, the average temperature on Mars
is warmer.
 The student edition for Unit 7 can be
found at
On the left side, please look under
mathematics, 6 – 8. Then, the right side
has a pull-down menu to access the units.
 Additional parent guides will be posted to
the parent resource page on
(right had menu) as they become
 Math skills can be kept up-to-date
through our Summer Learning Site at the
link above.
February 2013