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Study Guide for Cells and Traits Test
This is a picture of active transport.
A group of organs that work together to
perform a complex task is an organ system.
Inflammation is one of the body’s defenses
against disease.
The nervous system controls all other organ
systems in the body.
Individual nucleotides of DNA contain the
following combinations of substances: a
phosphate, a sugar, and a nitrogen base.
A spider’s ability to spin a web is an inherited
Deafness is not an adaptation.
Growth of the human body results from cell
Diffusion is the process that spreads substances
through a gas or liquid.
A hybrid is an organism that has two different
genes for the same trait.
Leaves, roots, and flowers are all examples of a
plant’s organs.
An acquired trait is one an organism develops
after it is born.
A contagious disease is one that can be spread
easily form one person to another.
Humans have 46 chromosomes in each body
A sugar that plants produce through
photosynthesis is glucose.
An adaptation helps an organism survive in its
The control center of the cell is the nucleus.
Phagocytes surround and consume harmful
organisms that invade the body.
The circulatory system carries oxygen to the
Each type of organism has a specific number of
The process through which traits are passed
from parents to offspring is called heredity.
Each trait of an organism is determined by a
short segment of DNA called the gene.
The practice of breeding plants and animals for
desirable traits is known as selective breeding.