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Understanding Bacteria: Discovery Education Video
Part One:
1. A couple of hundred pounds of Anthrax could kill up to _____ ______________ people.
2. Pneumonia, salmonella, and meningitis are all cause by _______________.
3. Less than _____ % of all bacteria cause disease.
4. About a _____________ bacteria could fit on the head of a pin.
5. We are born _______________ __________.
6. Botulinum toxin is even more deadly than…
7. What causes sourdough bread to taste sour?
8. What helps make cheese?
9. What killed people at Jack in the Box?
10. Bubonic Plague is transmitted by ________________.
11. In Alexander Fleming’s dishes, what did the mold do to the bacteria?
12. What was the first antibiotic?
13. Plasmids hold ________________ _______________.
Part Two:
14. Half of all antibiotics are used in _______________ __________.
15. Antibiotics are also sprayed on __________ and _______________.
16. Vancamyacin is expensive and can be _______________.
17. In 1994 a Korean woman on an airplane spread TB to _____ other people.
18. ________________ can break cyanide into 2 parts.
19. What can be used to clean water?
20. Ulcers are caused by _______________.
21. ____________________ _______________ Park is one of the richest place on Earth for all microbial life.
22. Paper companies use bacterial enzymes to _______________ _______________.
23. Enzyme production is a __________ billion dollar a year industry.
24. Anywhere there is liquid water; there is the possibility of ________________.
25. Everyone should look at ________________ ______________.
Reflection: Discuss how, in your daily living, you can protect yourself & others from contamination by pathogenic organisms?